Earthwall Factsheet

Dirty Modernist? Get EarthWall.

A patented system for stabilizing already eco-friendly rammed earth building techniques, EarthWall uses reinforced steel rods in a post tensioning system to produce the first earthquake-resistant rammed earth construction method. Architect Tom Ward, inventor of the system, also designed the first EarthWall residence – his own 3,000-square-foot home overlooking the Snake River near Jackson, Wyoming. Several new EarthWall-built structures are currently in development.

EarthWall advantages:

* Environmentally friendly
* Efficient to heat and cool
* Uses natural and indigenous materials
* Materials natural coloration blends with site
* Easy to build – no technically skilled labor required
* Favorable acoustic properties
* Potential for worldwide application
* Seismically stable (Prototypes field-tested by University of Wyoming Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering)

This patented process is now available to architects around the world interested in seismically stable rammed earth construction for residential and commercial buildings.

For additional information about Earth Wall, click here or call Tom Ward at Ward + Blake Architects, 307-733-6867

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