SaraLee Lanier, NCARB

saralee-lanierPractically born into architecture, SaraLee Lanier took cues from her draftsman father and uncles who all worked in various facets of the building industry in her native Idaho. SaraLee’s passion for architecture began at a young age when she found herself sketching captivating interior spaces she had seen in movies such as Gone With the Wind. Her Victorian Georgian interiors were a far cry from her first rustic cabin assignment as a first-year architecture student at Idaho State University. She completed her Masters in Architecture at the University of Idaho before coming to work for Ward + Blake Architects in 2001. A master of computer-based 3-D modeling, SaraLee has some fun tricks to show to her father who still drafts by hand.

“Life is too short to live with ordinary space,” says SaraLee.